We are passionate about tailoring movement to your needs. Our main studio HQ: the iconic Andrew Boy Charlton Pool complex at 1C Mrs Macquarie Road, The Domain, Sydney. Head to the bookings tab for our studio classes open to the public.

Since 2010, BodyMindSol have been offering Sydney-wide wellbeing services including corporate programs, private sessions for athletes, peak performance and clients with individual postural or injury specific needs as well as dedicated mind body programs for other health and wellbeing providers since 2010.

We specialise in tailoring our approach to our clients – from athletes over children to injury rehabilitation and the over 50s and more.  We are location independent and come to you. The bulk of our sessions is yoga, meditation and Pilates based but we also offer dance, qi gong and full exercise programs taught by a team of exclusively highly experienced instructors.

Our practicing locations include Point Piper, Bondi Junction, North Bondi and Sydney Olympic Park. Notably, our high profile clients have included the NRL, Ros Packer and supermodel Karlie Kloss.

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Reform Your Workout

Precision, specificity and repetition may all sound like very boring ingredients for a fun workout. If you are looking to have more ease and flow in your movement patterns return from an injury or, in fact, injury-proof your body, reformer Pilates may be just the deal. Popular with dancers since its inception almost a century […]

Restore, Recover, Relax

You may be training like a champion but are you recovering like one? Hacking your body’s ability to bounce back from competitions, intense workouts or even just intense training or work periods could be the key to enhancing your performance. What’s more, you may find you can perform with more ease – and refreshed mental […]

Meditation Station

Ever wondered what mindfulness and meditation on tap would look like? Well, how about people sitting in change rooms, at train stations, in waiting areas and other random places and silently listening to calming tracks on their wireless headsets? Cue: blissful smile and a more relaxed workforce. We’ve done what we long thought impossible. Broken […]