$75 Per Month Opening Offer – Limited Numbers Only!

Dive into yoga, Pilates and more with the BodyMindSol team’s special studio opening offer this spring! Taking on the studio at the Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for our experienced and established team, we want to celebrate with you! 100 clients can now join us here for only $75 for each of our first three months. Be quick, as this offer for unlimited yoga and Pilates in November, December and January won’t last.

We’re excited to refresh the timetable with new classes including Pilates and an advanced class on Sunday mornings as well as beginners workshops and community events. The offer is available to new and returning clients – but is a one-off special. Register and pay online or at the studio now.

What will the 3 month opening offer get you – other than a rock solid practice in stunning location?

  • Access to our varied range of daily classes including 6am vinyasa/flow, 8pm restorative and plenty of other options in between. On our quietest day, you get a choice of 3 classes with up to  7 on our starting timetable from October 29th.
  • Our dedicated and skilled A team of teachers, most of them at a senior teacher level with 7 years experience leading group classes and privates.
  • A teaching philosophy that caters to all ages and levels and is presented in an inclusive and accessible format. We will focus on teaching you great basics as well as challenging you where appropriate.
  • Possibly the best outlook at a yoga studio Sydney-wide with sweeping views across the bay to Woolloomoloo and a glass back wall lined with trees.
  • Be the first to know about our donation-based community events, special workshops and our private and corporate programs.

Be one of the first to experience the BodyMindSol team at our new studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool now and sneak a peak before we open! Also read more about our Special Events on Saturdays.