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JULY 13, 2010

Adding a challenge

I was planning on a long slow endurance run today but when someone takes you up North Head via the back path over rocks, through walls and up set after set of stairs, that’s pretty much impossible. Instead it turned into interval training, getting my heart rate up and running from side to side – while trying not to break my ankles. It was a stunning route with breathtaking views over the ocean and back towards Manly before hitting North Head and the harbour.

Today’s verdict: 9.8km in 1hr 2min – not bad given the difficult terrain but I’m not impressed with my body either. The next one will really have to be a long slow run, won’t it?

Oh, maybe I can blame it on the long leggings I was wearing – definitely too hot for those today. But at least I wasn’t wearing pink undies under a tennis skirt like the other girl runner up on the track – what the…? Well, I guess I better keep that one quiet or you might vote for me to run in a skirt in the City to Surf? Donate here…

All up I’ve done three training runs so far since last Friday and the times were pretty good: 10km in 45 mins over flat terrain, just over 11km in 58 mins up a massive hill and now 9.8 km in 1hr 2mins doing interval training… To find out more about my City to Surf challenge, head to Body, Mind & Sol or donate here.

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