Presenting and Writing


As an experienced facilitator and presenter, Sol has held corporate workshops, month-long programs and wellbeing events. A wealth of experience in her field as well as in front of the camera have led to many successful branding alliances.

Beyond her passion for movement, Sol’s second love is writing. She holds an award of excellence and diploma in journalism, and her work has been published in health, fitness. travel, lifestyle and mainstream publications in print and online. (Clients include Women’s Health, Australian Traveller, The Australian, Sunday Telegraph, Indesign, Habitus, Alpha, Women’s Running and plenty more.)

Since the age of 16, Sol has modelled, presented and appeared in interviews on TV, radio and online, appeared in two Feature Films – The Great Gatsby and A Few Best Men – and instructed in online, advertorial and product videos – such as Pelleres, UGG Art & Sole event, Core Isolators, the Kerri-Anne Kennerley show and many more.

Throughout her career, Sol has supported a number of organisations and charities  – you can read more on Sol’s public charity work on the Ambassador and Charity Work page.

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