Empowering Vision & Action

  • 14May

    Empowering Vision & Action
    Not Available - This is a Past Event

A six week course for transformation to empower your personal vision and realise your goals.
Take charge of manifesting your goals in 2017. Experience the power of coaching support to bring positive change and transformation into your life. Clarify and fully activate your goals through learning the art of manifestation and the powerful connection between your thoughts, feelings and actions.
You can benefit from this six week course by learning:
WK 1 – Goal Setting
Stages of transformation, goal setting and action planning
WK 2 – Exploring Mission
Affirming talents, exploring your why, calling in your mission
WK 3 – Power of Mind and Emotion
Understanding the power of cognitive behaviour, overcoming automatic negative thoughts, and empowering intentions
WK 4 – Activating
Activating the laws of manifestation
WK 5 – Overcoming Resistance
Understanding the psychology and stages of change
WK 6 – The Laws of Abundance, Forgiveness and Gratitude
Exploring the powerful laws of abundance, forgiveness and gratitude



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