Pilates, dance, beauty and cover shoot

If a shoot’s success was measured in laughs per minute, yesterday’s job for Fernwood magazine would have been right up there. I knew beforehand that I was in for a treat working with photographer Paul Suesse who shoots for ACP titles like Cleo, FHM and Cosmo but what I didn’t know was that the rest of the team would be just as nice. It’s great when you get to work on a relaxed set where no one has any airs and everyone just does their best to get the job done as well as possible.

Kate, our seven-months-pregnant make-up artist, worked absolute wonders on the sports spreads and blew me away when it came to the beauty pages. To save time, I modelled several looks at once, left eye with brown eye shadow, right eye dark blue, one hand with painted finger nails the other clean etc. It brought it’s own challenges in terms of how to work in front of the camera as Paul, the team and me tried to figure out how to only show one side of my face while having my hand look nice and working my angles. The results were breathtaking. (Even if we were working so fast, I’d be in front of the camera modelling while still sucking on a brownie at the back of my mouth to avoid getting anything between my teeth. I could still model – just no talking.)

The Pilates spread was particular fun, as stylist Jackie had sourced some ultra trendy and comfy clothes to wear. I’m always on the lookout for nice Pilates clothes that sit comfortably while keeping you cozy and she really nailed it.  The Puma pants, Abi & Joseph top and blue and white Nike jacket I wore for different looks will be added to my wardrobe as soon as I can track them down in the shops.

Holding the poses one-sided for the camera while Paul was poking fun at me and trying to get me to play up was an interesting challenge. (Try sucking your tummy in when you’re cracking up and bent into a sideways banana shape!) And I don’t think I’ve ever been on a shoot with as many outtakes as this one. Stay posted for July’s Fernwood mag and for outtakes and heroes from the day. Here are a few iPhone impressions.

It wasn’t easy getting a shot of Paul with a straight face – I obviously abysmally failed. Singling out my biceps in the image on the screen – again, and again, and again.

Handing my iPhone to Paul gets you this. A crazy perspective. Love the clothes.

Trying to keep a straight face. Not one of my strong suits. ‘Tis just too much fun!

Our mua looking rather serious playing with my plait. Loving the A&J top. Great cut, great colour. Did I mention you’ll be able to buy those on Body, Mind & Sol sooooon?  :-)

Thanks to Fernwood mag editor Donna (and her beautiful laugh!) for letting me have such a good time and joining in the fun. I hope the good mood shines through in the end result!