Fit, fab, feisty, fun… and foxy!

Woohoo! Get ready for some action, people! The long awaited (at least by me) Fernwood TVC is about to hit screens around Australia this week. I loved the concept from the word go. “Women, here are a few new “f” words:  FOXY… FIT… FEISTY… FUN… FAB… Fernwood”

Beautifully shot with upbeat fun music and fabulous co-stars – check out Amy’s sexy moves and Mary-Anne’s beautiful smile -, the commercial makes me want to go and work out the moment I hear the tunes. (Maybe that’s just because I was running, boxing and kicking so much on the day? Conditioning?) Anyhow, I love it. It reminds me of the “Run as if you mean it” campaign – as I actually look really  puffed in a fair few shots. (Perhaps not surprising given I kept doing warm-ups, sprints and work-outs all day…)

My favourite two shots of me: the side kick and blowing hair out of my face. Thank you, Tristan and Marcelle, for those! Enjoy! And once you’ve watched it, donate to my City to Surf run here, to keep me going!


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