Heavenly Cacao Cake Recipe

Yuhuhummm! Ever had cacao cake…? [blank stare back at me] Didn’t think so! I didn’t even know if such a thing existed until a few weeks ago. Now, I couldn’t imagine life without the mindblowing goodness that is a still-warm cacao cake. (Warning: do not read on if you have a chocolate addiction!)

Inspired by delicious home-made cacao balls, I’d decided to look for the equivalent in cake form as a healthy birthday treat for a sportsnut.  So I put a call out on twitter and the result absolutely blew me out of the water. Here’s the original link I was sent on the Lava Magazine website – I slightly modified the recipe.

Both the birthday child and I fell in love with the yummo wholesome taste and energising ingredients and have since been talking and dreaming about cacao cake almost every day… Success! ;-)

Word of advice: varying the ingredients changes the taste and consistency considerably. Add more nuts, coconuts and LSA mix, if you want a slightly less moist and more chewy version. And vice versa, more honey and vanilla bean paste or apple will increase the melt-in-your-mouth factor.

Below’s my favourite version so far. As I said, I’ve added a few things to the original recipe…

Cacao Cake Mix


4 eggs, 1 apple shredded, 1.5 cups almonds shredded, 3/4 cup cacao powder, 2 handfuls of LSA mix, 3 handfuls of desiccated cococnut, 2 handfuls of cut-up cranberries or similar,  1/2 jar of Manuka honey. 2-3 spoonfuls of vanilla bean paste (to taste), sprinkle of salt.

Mix all the above, add in cinnamon, more vanilla, honey or coconut to taste. Result should be a liquid paste that still drips of a spoon (consistency roughly like the honey). Place in round metal cake pan with baking paper underneath and around outside (tinfoil is a tad too sticky but works if you want to use it to keep cake in fridge for later). Bake in oven for 35-40 mins at 210C. (Top should be firm and almost crisp, inside moist but not too sticky.)

ENJOY! Send me your pics and feedback… And watch out you don’t get a serious case of cacao head.

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