Intro to Meditation Course – April Start, CBD

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    Intro to Meditation Course – April Start, CBD
    Not Available - This is a Past Event

A six week meditation course to cultivate meditation, mindfulness and calmness in daily life.
Practicing mindfulness offers the ability to develop the art of being ‘the witness’, cultivating a clear mind and disengaging from mental clutter. This meditation course can help you to cultivate the art of observation, acceptance, letting go and the power to respond, rather than react to situations.
Meditation is proven to have a profound effect on health and well-being, significantly reducing anxiety and stress.
You can benefit from this six week course by learning:
Wk 1 – The meditation experience
Stepping out of auto-pilot, meditation posture, body scanning, observing the breath, meditation as a tool of change.
Wk 2 – Mindfulness and the breath
What is mindfulness, cultivating gentle awareness and equanimity, the 4 kinds of mindfulness: body, mind, feelings and dharma (right path).
Wk 3 – Curiosity and gentle effort
Balanced effort, signs of progress, the 4 levels of meditation: psychic, subtle, causal and non-dual.
Wk 4 – Cultivating emotional positivity

Exploring the 4 sublime abodes, power of visualisation, metta bhavana (breath of compassion)
Wk 5 – Know your mind
Working with distraction, overcoming destructive thought patterns, activating higher consciousness, the relationship between thought, emotion and action.
Wk 6 – Fruitful attitudes to meditation
Deepening your ongoing practice
Start dates:
Sunday 2nd April – 7th May, 5.30-6.30pm
Andrew Boy Charlton Pool – Yoga Room
Contribution: $295

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