What’s plus?

Since one of my first blog posts on here talked about Plus size model Lizzie Miller, also known as the Glamour girl on page 194, I’d like to share part of a recent interview with Lizzie on Plus Size Models Unite. The popular blog on healthy body image and plus size models asked the question: “Did Lizzie Miller start a body image revolution?” Of course, the gorgeous blonde was only a small part of the changes we’ve seen in the industry but she was a significant piece of the jigsaw in my opinion, so read on to find out more about her experience working with US magazine Glamour.

“It was my first nude shoot, so before it, I was a little nervous. But it was weird, as soon as I was on set; I was comfortable and felt confident. I pleasantly surprised myself that day! I thought I would be nervous! But, I actually felt really good. Everyone was really professional and made me feel even more comfortable.”

Photographed by Rafa Galler

I also loved her answer to what the biggest misconception about plus size models was.

“I think the biggest misconception is that all plus-size women are unhealthy and overweight — which is not true. I guess that brings up the question: What qualifies as “Plus Size.” I’m a size 12-14 and 5’11, and for my body, it’s a comfortable size. I’ve always been athletic and have never been a skinny girl. But, I enjoy working out, playing sports, and eating right. Now, if I’m craving some sweets, I do let myself indulge but, it’s all about checks and balances. Let yourself have a cookie–not five.”

It’s a great point. It’d be good to get away from the focus on skinny or plus.  Sometimes people ask the industry to embrace a fuller-figured image of beauty and miss the point that there’s a healthy size in between.  I’d like to think we’d want to show healthy role models to our children while giving room for diversity in our media. Large, small and medium happily in the one magazine and on the one catwalk. Lizzie is a great example of a healthy size and I think her picture was so successful because she did exactly what she talked about in her interview: look comfortable in her skin. And happy.

If you’d like to read more about Lizzie, click here. Or head to You Tube to watch a great video of the Ellen Show with plus size models Kate Dillon, Chrystal Renn and Lizzie Miller and the editor of Glamour magazine.


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