Manly to Spit Walk

Manly to Spit walkWell, in M’s and my case, it turned into a two hour and a bit run. I can’t believe it. We set out to do an hour – I even had to quieten that voice in the back of my head telling me that I was actually still a teeny bit sore from Sunday. Lucky I did Pilates yesterday several times to limber it up!

It was a gorgeous almost summery day when we set out with the objective to just see how far we wanted to go. Note to self – my body doesn’t want to stop at the moment. Once the endorphins kick in after about an hour, I could keep running forever.

The trail itself, as a lot of you will know, is absolutely stunning you go from a bay dotted with yachts near my house to springy wooden boards, then an area that almost feels like a domed temple with the plants overgrowing the path and past yellow, orange and white rocks, white and yellow flowers that smell beautiful but I forgot the name off, up and down near deserted tucked away beaches before you finally reach Clontarf and think you’re almost done…

In the run, there are more dodgy stairs, twists, turns and rocks than you can count and on the way back I kept fooling both M and myself thinking we’d “almost” reached the top and it was downhill from here. Every time I said it another steep incline turned up. Most memorable moment – when I spied Manly through the trees and turned around to say “we’re almost there”, turned back to face another huge incline and massive hill and M responded “is it just past that mountain range then, yeah?” Well, it kinda was. But by then I didn’t care anymore. I felt as if I was flying.

Sol runningToday’s result: I desperately need new trainers. My soles are very sore and my Asics Kayano Gels are no longer soft and springy at all. I also know I can’t trust my body to tell me when to stop. It just wants to keep going. Not bad for run number 5!

I’ve done the walk several times before and know it’s about 9k each way – making it about 16k from my house – but the mapping system said we’d done only 14? Now, why am I writing all this? Because I’d love you to sponsor me for the City To Surf. I’m running it for a good cause and you don’t even have to get your trainers on to help!

All money raised goes towards a healthier body image, ie the Butterfly Foundation. Click here to make me into a CTS superhero! I think my effort is pretty impressive – don’t you?

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