Jumping around

This week I had the absolute pleasure to work on a TV commercial for Fernwood gyms. Despite being a little crook on the day, I couldn’t stop bouncing around with energy as the team set up various camera angles and prepared my running and Tae Bo scenes. I can’t tell you too much about the ad yet as it goes into post production but let’s just say I’m sure it’ll be absolutely fabulous. And I have good reason to believe so!

To give you a little taster of what will be in store for you in July, check out director Marcelle Lunam’s website.  If you like moving as much as I do, you’ll love these two clips she shot for the ABC: parkour and skaters. I remember watching them on TV at the time and waiting for them to come up again during ad breaks – they were so cool! And I had no idea it was Marcelle who shot them. She’s one talented cookie!

The concept of parkour is also something I love. The runners literally overcome any obstacle placed in their path. In an artistic, energetic and inspiring way. This originally French training form is also known as the art of movement and those who practise it are incredibly limber and agile. I love watching parkour videos on YouTube. Sometimes, I integrate my own little version of it (okay, it’s very minimised version more like freerunning – jumping over park benches and pushing off rocks sideways) into my runs. It’s exhilarating and so much more fun than just running in a straight line.

It makes you feel like superwoman, ready to overcome any obstacle in your path. Check out the cool shot by Alexandre Ferreira.

But I digress… Another one of Marcelle’s videos that I absolutely loved is this wonderfully fantastic and dreamy animated one. And this one is brilliant too – click on the link! Oh gosh, I could keep watching them over and over again!

Sol Walkling, Tristan Milani and Marcelle Lunam

Here’s a pic from the day. DOP Tristan Milani (who shot the haunting movie Balibo), Marcelle and, uhm, what’s that? Some weird black and white thing that bounces up and down like a Duracell bunny with a neck like a giraffe? I blame it on all the bananas and quark when I was a child.

Needless to say the rest of the cast and crew were absolutely wonderful too. I loved seeing some familiar faces and getting to know my fellow talent. Hat off to Amy Gills, the talented dance instructor who shakes her booty like she doesn’t have a backbone. Loved watching your performance! And I’ll be downloading that HOT Janet Jackson song. x

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