Move Together this Christmas- Bring a friend for FREE

How many times have you touched your toes and saluted the sun this month? If the answer is anywhere between zero and only-to-check-what-to-wear-or-put-on-fancy-shoes, let us help!

We invite you to bring a friend, family member and co-worker for nada – maybe Janice from accounts who won’t stop talking about diets could do with some zen? Frivolous party season jokes aside, we’d love to see you on the mat at our studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for some much deserved – and probably needed – yoga and mindfulness time NOW.

It’s ironic that we fall of the practice bandwagon when we need it the most. If we got a hug for every person who’s told us they need meditation and yoga right now, we’d be positively gooey right now. Alas, yoga just becomes another chore, another stressor on the list of pre-Chrissy things to do.

So take it from us, signing up your family and friends to join you is the best thing you you could do for them and yourself right now. Numerous studies (here’s just one) show people are more motivated and less likely to drop out from training commitments when they even just receive a check-in phone call, let alone doing the world a service by helping chill out your uncle before he gets too rambunctious at the barbie.

And worry not, we won’t get your mum to turn herself into an unsolvable human puzzle with fancy yoga poses, we offer rock solid foundation & core classes, a deeply relaxing and accessible restorative practice, complementary Pilates sessions and gentle Chi Flow as well as energising Vinyasa classes. Our teachers are experienced, hands-on and focused on enhancing your experience with a personal touch.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat. Tell your instructor you’re using our FRIENDS promotion.

Offer ends January 14th. Available to existing clients only. Limited to one yoga buddy per session.

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