Reader question answered

I recently had an email from one of my readers regarding the NIDA short courses I did a few years ago. How good are they and what did you get out of it, he asked. Here’s my answer:

I personally enjoyed the voice course a lot – the teacher was fantastic and it incorporated body work, a session where we all got to work towards our own style, lots of feedback from the other students and great techniques for your presenting. The Presenting course itself I didn’t enjoy that much, as it seemed to be aimed mainly at the younger girls in our group who were looking to become game show or music tv presenters. The teacher didn’t adapt her course to the students and it lacked variety. I almost asked for my money back, actually.

Re whether the courses have helped me professionally, I can certainly say they have made me more aware of my camera presence, how others see me and how to deal with nerves. And since NIDA is highly regarded and has some of the best teachers in the country, I think the courses are worth more for your own personal and professional growth than if you went to another college. And yes, it does look good on a CV but I think what really matters to most clients and casting directors is your experience and showreel.

Good luck with it all!


P.S.: Check out this recent video blog – nevermind the music or editing. ‘Tis was fun!


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