Oh what a feeling!

It’s been raining jobs lately and today I got to shoot a TVC for Toyota. (But I missed out on shooting for one of my favourite magazines tomorrow as a consequence – the weather’s been too fickle to lock in just one day for location shoots.)

As usual in the  glamourous world of modelling and TV commercials, crew and cast call was at a godforsaken hour out in the sticks and, thanks to Google Maps and my outstanding ability to drive, zoom and look for my glasses all at the same time after getting up two hours earlier than usual, I ended up making several scenic detours. Sydney airport international terminal and the Camden valley drive were two locations I ticked off my list before even having my first coffee. I made it to the Toyota dealership in Narellan just in time but promised myself – yet again – to stop using my iPhone app.  Good old maps and copied down directions used to get me to my destination without deviating from the fastest route quite so much.

The mood at Clintons Toyota was surprisingly upbeat given the early start and, within an hour or so, two sets and several extras were ready to start shooting. The day, like most modelling or tv jobs, consisted of a lot of waiting around, chatting to new acquaintances and numerous trips to the coffee station. By midday, when it was time for my couple jump , I’d started feeling quite tired just from sitting around and trying on various outfits. Luckily my partner for the day Tom and I managed to get it right pretty much straight away – thanks for some great counting down to three by the crew and detailed description of what the move was to look like. (You might not think so, but there are a lot of different ways to jump, in particular when you get two people to jump at the same time, same height and with the same “feeling”.

I’ll post the actual video when the TVC’s run. I really did have a great day… Thank you Toyota!

The Jump

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