Why Pilates 1:1? Hear it from our client.

Pilates was developed to be taught 1:1 in private sessions to help clients change movement patterns, improve muscle balance and perform other sports, such as dance, with greater ease and precision. If you’ve ever been on the machine developed almost a century ago for a private session, it may come as no surprise to you that the original method of Pilates has remained largely unchanged and exceptional in assisting clients.

We were particularly pleased with the following positive feedback from a very contented customer. She truly understands the value of investing in herself and getting the most out of every session – following Joseph Pilates’ principle of focus to a tee.

What did you seek assistance for and what were your expectations?
I enjoy regular exercise but I’m not someone who really likes the environment of a gym. I became curious about Pilates reformer classes so I enrolled in a private session with Sol to try something new. I was keen to improve my flexibility; overall strength and also ease lower back and hip pain. I loved it right from the start and have continued with weekly private classes.

How did the initial program feel/ how did your body respond?
The mental focus required in a reformer class I enjoyed right away. You connect mind and body in a way that does not occur during other types of exercise in my experience. I leave the classes feeling de-stressed in mind and body which is a great benefit. Because Pilates requires precision, concentration and control you are completely absorbed. I find this rejuvenating as it keeps you in the present moment. I am able to recapture this feeling during my busy week.

What changes and improvement in mind, body and wellbeing did you find as you progressed?
My posture and body awareness has improved significantly. I feel that my coordination and balance are also improving. The sessions engage my mind, reduce stress and boost my energy. Overall the whole experience has been very rewarding. Also the work I do with Sol compliments my other sports training, and she has given me home and office exercises too.

Compared to the start, how do you feel now and has your expectation been met/ changed?
The benefit and enjoyment I derive from my sessions with Sol is exceeding my expectations. Daily life improvements such as: better posture, gaining body awareness and improved mental focus have been some of the more positive outcomes for me. I like that each class is different.

How would you best sum up or recommend the sessions to a friend?
Quite simply this really is the very best thing that I have ever done for myself! It is such a joy to have a private hour each week that is just for my fitness and wellbeing. Sol has wonderful teaching skills. She is knowledgeable, responsive and personable. She explains the philosophy and theory behind the movements which I find very interesting and helpful. This is an investment in myself I will continue. It is a necessary luxury!

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