Signature Classes – Yoga & Pilates


Pilates combines range of motion exercises, stability work and functional movement repatterning. Expect to start slowly, build your awareness of core muscles and stability before a strong full body workout. Suitable for beginners, this class will also challenge our regular customers in places you may not have felt before. Clients often comment on the long lean and tall feeling they experience after class. This class is particularly helpful for people with injuries or sports specific needs.

Flow/ Vinyasa

Linking breath with movement, we flow through a series of postures to heat the body and allow for deeper relaxation and access into postures towards the second part of the practice.
Expect an element of breath work to centre your mind and find greater connection of mind and body.
Each class follows a particular theme chosen by our expert instructors and will allow intermediate to advanced yogis to play and experience greater access and novel transitions.
Find stillness in motion as you calm mind and body and centre yourself.
Foundations + Core
This grounding and slow flowing class is will give you a strong foundation to effectively practice powerful asana. Suitable for beginners to advanced, we will be focussing on understanding activating our bandhas – creating joint stability -, aligning correctly for each body in our practice and strengthening essential stabilising muscles.
Each class will have a peak posture, which can often be an advanced posture. You will learn how to effectively prepare the body for your peak posture and how to warm down and release the muscles used.
Restorative + Meditation
A truly gentle and relaxing experience, this class combines longer, supported holds in a series of poses designed to achieve greater balance in mind and body. Often times, we will work through the body from base to crown or themed around the seasonal needs of your body.
This class includes breath work and visualisation techniques designed to to calm the body and create a sharper mind.
Due to it’s slow pace, nurturing setting and deep restoration, it is often likened to the relaxation of a warm bath, restorative slumber or soft massage session.
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