Soul Jewels Session – Deepening Practice Workshop

  • 17Jul

    Soul Jewels Session – Deepening Practice Workshop
    Not Available - This is a Past Event

Are you needing to make the link between your yoga and mindfulness practice and how you relate to others? Would you like to better connect your inner realms to the outer realms?

The SOUL JEWELS Session is designed to help you deepen your connection to yourself and then a partner as well as the greater community. Through exploring SOUNDING, MOVEMENT, TOUCH and MINDFULNESS together, we learn to come to stillness within the connection, within the hussle of daily living.

Workshop includes; Meditation practices, yoga therapy, partner exercises, circle ceremony, sound healing, exploration of your intuition and active listening skills. We also provide support for integrating the shifts back into day to day living.


Jules Ashby

Jules draws on a wealth of wisdom based on her exploration of many forms of personal discovery and insights throughout her life.
Gifted the practice of yoga from birth, she has trained with many mentors and draws influences from the collective, her worldly travels and divine inspiration.
Jules is influenced by her theatre and dance studies, yoga, acroyoga and massage. She is interested in embodiment practices that centre us and what we can bring to each other through the skillful art of deep listening.
Jules aims to support your growth into a deeper awareness of your own being through strengthening the body, mind, heart & soul connection and opening you up to you’re innate healing wisdom.

Solveig Walkling

Introduced to yoga at age ten, Sol fell in love with movement and mindfulness as a teenager. She pursued various sports as well as jobs before starting to facilitate mindful movement 7 years ago. She brings a wealth of personal experience and teachings to her meditative yet challenging sessions. Rather than focussing on one modality, Sol aims to empower clients to find what speaks to them.

“Personally, I believe in breaking through my own limitations. The concept of stillness in motion – a zen approach to movement – can greatly help shift our “stuff”. I have witnessed people overcoming perceived limitations and deep trauma by using their physical body as a gateway. My role is simply to empower them with the techniques I know.

Through my work I have met very inspiring people whose dedication constantly drives and challenges me to further my knowledge and explore why and how bodies respond so very individually.

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