Back Due to Popular Demand

If you haven’t seen me in a while, you’d better eat your Special K, pack your cossie and hang out at a local busstop. Due to popular demand, last year’s “Join the New You Resolution” ad is back around Sydney.

And it seems you don’t need to be eating the healthy cereal to be bikini-ready. I was following a rather unhealthy diet of ice cream and lozenges at the time to get through pesky recurring tonsillitis and stay a size 12. Dropping weight wouldn’t have been acceptable, as Special K has strict BMI guidelines –  to encourage a healthy body image – and their flakes were a touch too tough on my sore throat. I was better off to putting on a little flab and lose some tone to portray a more realistic idea of beauty.

Join The New You Resolution

In December ’09 – luckily in better shape this time ’round – I shot the Special K Jeans Challenge. The shoot was fun but holding positions without moving at all was harder than I’d thought. Perfection and beauty definitely comes at a price – in this case, numb legs and buttocks and painful feet from the pointy heels were nicely remunerated though. Check it out on packs from March onwards.

And no, I won’t be getting a life’s supply of Special K.

Special K Jeans Challenge May 2010

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