Strengthen Your Practice with Our Online Videos

Time poor? Unsure where to start? Missing sessions with us?

We’ve got you covered with our library of articles as well as online videos. These short sessions are particularly helpful if you have participated in one of Sol’s yoga or Pilates sessions.

Start with this Core Galore Pilates video Sol recorded in Fiji during her 200hr yoga teacher training with SYI. (She leisurely completed a 10km ocean swim in the same “holiday”.) The video is great for spinal mobility and core stability and gives plenty of modifications for special populations such as swimmers, runners and other athletes. Watch part 1 here. For Part 2, click here.
Moving to your legs – yep, even post workout, our athletic friends! Need some work on hip stability as well as mobility? Join Sol post run (and swim), as she stretches and strengthens her hips and legs. Theraband recommended. Part 1.  Part 2.  If that wasn’t quite enough yet and you want to increase your range of motion long term, you could check out this very short info on yoga for cyclists here.
Swimmers, listen up! Here is a great video of sports specific Pilates exercises for you. We do not recommend doing this right before or after your training but it is a great addition to you swim sessions. Bust out your bikini and join Sol on the beach! Video here. 
Are you ready for a full body workout? Get ready to get sweaty! Here is Sol’s ultimate 15 min quick complete Pilates workout – fun, light and fast moving.
For a few little snippets and ideas of some of the basic exercises, check out a promo video for Sol’s Lululemon Sessions here. 
Enjoy the sessions and contact us for more info. Sol is available for private sessions and group classes in the Eastern Suburbs, CBD, Northern Beaches and at Sydney Olympic Park.

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