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Stress Less, Says My Health Guardian

In preparation for my exciting new training program next week, I signed up for a free online health check and support today. It’s called HCF’s My Health Guardian and covers all bases, from medical and family history over healthy living and eating to current body shape. My end score showed I was at minimal risk. […]

Introducing “Calcium” for Burgen

Donning a white full body lycra suit on my latest TV commercial almost turned into a total disaster when a tiny cut on my foot reopened as I was squeezing myself into the tight outfit. The suits had been made to measure for every extra in the Burgen Bread TVC and there were no back-ups. The […]

Back Due to Popular Demand

If you haven’t seen me in a while, you’d better eat your Special K, pack your cossie and hang out at a local busstop. Due to popular demand, last year’s “Join the New You Resolution” ad is back around Sydney. And it seems you don’t need to be eating the healthy cereal to be bikini-ready. I […]

DJ at Dusk

Photography can be unpredictable. Quite often, I’ll be trying to nail a shot where I have painstakingly worked on composition, light and camera settings and still only get an okay result – just to turn around and get the most awesome snapshot of something totally random. As Ken Duncan would probably say, it’s about that […]

Jumping for Joy

My overseas shoot and assignments went in a flash thanks to a great team and nice co-model. A lot of time spent in airports and on planes in a daze, on set reading and chatting to Katie H. and shooting in Hamburg and Prague until my wrist hurt. No two days were spent doing the […]

“Make life one long weekend.” Yes please!

Sometimes, modelling can be fun. Sure, there are the days when you start a shoot on three hours sleep after more than a full day of travelling on international flights and can barely keep your eyes open, let alone smile. But the days when you have a four hour booking for a campaign and end […]

What’s the buzz?

Models don’t eat. Models are incredibly skinny, throw temper tantrums all the time and obsess about their weight. They are fashion icons and portray an unattainable ideal of beauty. Move over Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the plus-size revolution has arrived. The above is actually the intro to an article I wrote several years ago, […]

Money, honey!

For those of you who don’t know it yet, I’ll be heading where the money is for the next three weeks or so: Europe. For any other industry that might actually be a bit of a controversial statement given the current global financial crisis, but for modelling and travel writing, the Old Country is still […]

Welcome to my blog!

It’s been nine months since I finished my journalism studies at Macleay College, emerging into the glaring sunlight of Sydney’s Liverpool Street as a fully-fledged scribe. Not that you ever stop learning, of course, but the formal part of my training had officially ended in December 2008. And in roughly the time it takes for […]