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The Honest Truth About Eating Disorders?

I’ll say it straight up: You may not like what you are about to see. It is confronting. And if you have had an eating disorder or do have one, I would, in fact, advise you not to watch the video. When I watched it, it brought back memories of what I saw when I […]

Not the average body

70 kg is the current weight of the average Australian woman, according to a new study Marie Claire used for an article I was interviewed for. I roughly fit that criteria with my weight fluctuating a little depending on what’s going on in my life exercise and stress wise. Hence why I was interviewed. While […]

Unfashionable, unpretty

There’s a new kind of bitchiness on the block – between plus size and straight size models. And it ain’t pretty. See, bigger sized girls have been derided and taken the mickey out of in the fashion industry for so long and their target audience of larger (or even just normal sized) women have felt […]

What’s plus?

Since one of my first blog posts on here talked about Plus size model Lizzie Miller, also known as the Glamour girl on page 194, I’d like to share part of a recent interview with Lizzie on Plus Size Models Unite. The popular blog on healthy body image and plus size models asked the question: […]

Butterfly Foundation Chrysalis Ball

Okay, people. I’ve been busy working on Body, Mind & Sol’s new website, rehearsing for a TV advertorial, reviewing a whole heap of fitness products, instructing at several gyms, interviewing for sports articles ….. You name it. I’ve really been wishing I could clone myself. Trialling lots of different fitness products for work’s been fun, […]

The Healthy Medium

Part of what I love about my work as a journalist is that I get to share people’s life stories, draw inspiration from them myself and pass it on and share it with a broader audience. I see it as a huge privilege. Knowing that some of my work might engage, touch and inspire other […]

Love Your Body

I first started modelling when I was 16. For me it was always a means to an end, a great way to help me achieve other goals and work towards a career that I enjoy and that enables me to do something more worthwhile with my life. I’m aware there are a lot of young […]