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Of Cacao and Keith, the Shaman

Imagine yourself in an outdoor yoga shala set on a lake surrounded by towering volcanoes. With three sides open to Guatemalan forest (looking more like jungle to the Western eye) and the lake changing its appearance on a whim every few hours, our first cacao ceremony with Keith, the shaman, reflected the exotic and whimsical […]

Dive deep into wellness

Now, the beginning of the festive (and silly) season, is the perfect moment to commit to a fresh start to 2016. Setting up the year through an intention of creating a mindful movement practice, exploring awareness techniques to focus and quieten the mind as well as to gain an edge in your life. The first […]

Cacao – The Heart’s Gift

Join us for a heartwarming cacao ceremony, gentle flowing movement with yoga, qi gong and dance, uplifting music and intention setting practice for the festive season. Senior facilitator Sol Walkling will share with you her deepening practices from around the world to help you stay connected to your loved ones during the busy lead-up to […]

Heavenly Cacao Cake Recipe

Yuhuhummm! Ever had cacao cake…? [blank stare back at me] Didn’t think so! I didn’t even know if such a thing existed until a few weeks ago. Now, I couldn’t imagine life without the mindblowing goodness that is a still-warm cacao cake. (Warning: do not read on if you have a chocolate addiction!) Inspired by […]