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The Honest Truth About Eating Disorders?

I’ll say it straight up: You may not like what you are about to see. It is confronting. And if you have had an eating disorder or do have one, I would, in fact, advise you not to watch the video. When I watched it, it brought back memories of what I saw when I […]

Chrysalis Ball Impressions

Last week, it was finally time for The Butterfly Foundation’s annual Sydney fundraiser, the Chrysalis Ball. Doltone House had been decked out with blue touches and butterflies everywhere, a dancefloor and big screens displaying the items in the silent auction. Centrepiece was a stage which Glenn Wheeler commanded on the night. Amidst all that glamour, […]

Butterfly Foundation Chrysalis Ball

Okay, people. I’ve been busy working on Body, Mind & Sol’s new website, rehearsing for a TV advertorial, reviewing a whole heap of fitness products, instructing at several gyms, interviewing for sports articles ….. You name it. I’ve really been wishing I could clone myself. Trialling lots of different fitness products for work’s been fun, […]

Love Your Body

I first started modelling when I was 16. For me it was always a means to an end, a great way to help me achieve other goals and work towards a career that I enjoy and that enables me to do something more worthwhile with my life. I’m aware there are a lot of young […]