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Paradise Pilates: Fiji Core Galore

Welcome back! If your core is fairly deconditioned, I can currently really relate. After several weeks of mainly yoga, swimming and kayaking, I am slowly building back up to looking and feeling like a Pilates instructor. With your core, less can often be more – in particular if you are generally quite sporty and your […]

Paradise Pilates: Fiji Leg Alert

I spent all of September deepening my understanding of yoga in gorgeous Fiji. Staying at Daku Resort in Savusavu, it wasn’t your usual holiday. Instead of  exploring the island or sailing from one to another, I spent my days meditating, practising yoga sequences and chanting with a whole bunch of amazing girls. It was an […]

TRY THIS: wellbeing practice

If you think the latest crash diet, a personal trainer to whip you into shape or the odd nip and tuck will help you become or stay gorgeous, you’re on a one way train to divorcing-your-body-hell. Perhaps you sometimes wonder how models, actresses and celebrities get  incredibly good-looking and healthy and think easy fixes are […]

BLOG: 10km Fiji Swim Adventure

  Total calm and ease were the two dominant feelings in the 12 hours leading up to my first solo 10km ocean swim. There was nothing left to do other than last minute race preps like putting out all my gear, checking my gels, goggles, cossie, eating, hydrating and praying for better weather than the […]

HOW TO: Pilates Hundreds

The Pilates Hundred is one of the perhaps most commonly taught Pilates exercises. For instructors, we can see a lot about our clients’ abdominal endurance and some postural habits or weaker spots during this exercise. Get it right from the beginning and always work within your body’s limitations. If you get it wrong, you’ll more […]

Stretch Yourself – Women’s Running Blog Post

Back in the eighties, ballistic stretches were all the rage, bopping your head and fingertips down towards your toes to the sound of ‘Rhythm Is a Dancer’ – as were Jane Fonda videos, dotted leggings and headbands. I sincerely hope you have given up on all of the above and only listen to ‘Heaven is […]

Question Answered: Pilates for Runners with Upper Body Tightness

If you do a lot of upper body work – exercises like boxing, lifting or rowing – you may find you struggle with tension through the neck and shoulders when running or perhaps you find you can’t open your chest well and get deep breaths in, exhausting more quickly. Here are a few Pilates exercises […]

Time For Play – Pilates Style

As you keep doing Pilates and improve your range of motion and core strength, there are only so many variations and repetitions of the Hundreds you want to do. Let’s face it, Joseph’s exercises are great and the various schools, such as Stott, Polestar, Classical and Romana’s have modified and developed them well. Their teachers are […]

Just For Fun (pix)

‘Cause having fun is infectious, I’ll leave you with some of my more fun silly camera moments today. Go out and suck up some traveljuice, do a jump of joy or fly like superman! x   [slideshow]

Pilates, Homer and doughnuts

What Homer’s got to do with back pain This Pilates segment is all about doughnuts, jam and how to improve back and neck pain. As we get older and spend more and more of our time sitting down, beer in one hand, remote or mobile in the other, our bodies resemble Homer Simpson more and […]