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TRY THIS: New Year’s Resolution Now

With Jingle Bells playing in shopping malls, crying kids queuing for a ride with Santa and 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution yet? Who are we kidding… You probably haven’t even gotten anywhere near your Christmas shopping, right? Can I suggest to you right now – before […]

Inspiring Interview: Jessica Smith

Through my work as a journalist, instructor and fitness ambassador, I’ve encounter some truly inspiring people and it’s now time to share their stories. This post is only the start of a series of interviews I’ve started collating. I hope reading about their experiences, thoughts and dreams will touch your heart and fire you up […]

Video Inspiration: Isabel Allende on PASSION

How’s everybody feeling on this gorgeous Friday? I’m feeling pretty good. Even though my body is in a fair bit of pain from trying to release tension I had around my left shoulderblade – let’s just say it makes my broken foot pale with envy in comparison. The reason I’m feeling good is because I […]

Deb Roach “Leading The Way” Filex 2012

Billed as the health and fitness industry’s #1 event in Australia, Filex, once again, offered an impressive array of seminars, talks and sessions in 2012. What perhaps stood out most to me on my first (and only – thanks to my broken foot swelling up to ginormous proportions) day at Filex was a glimpse at the […]

Leap of Faith

Sometimes you need to take a giant leap of faith and hope the ground you’ll land on will carry you. When this shot was taken, I was just starting to look for a new challenge to sign up for. Something that would beat the Outback Marathon and Half Ironman I did last year. Why? Well, […]

Ocean Swimming

“Just do it” is one of my favourite mantras. It might only be a crappy marketing slogan in most people’s books but for me it works. I use it to face off my fears; one by one.  Like when I jumped ten metres into a rockpool or did loop-da-loops in a fighter plane overcoming my […]