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Empowering Vision & Action

A six week course for transformation to empower your personal vision and realise your goals. Take charge of manifesting your goals in 2017. Experience the power of coaching support to bring positive change and transformation into your life. Clarify and fully activate your goals through learning the art of manifestation and the powerful connection between […]

Mindfulness, Meditation & Flow State

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming buzzwords and that trend has good and bad effects.  As the words entered mainstream culture, they started getting used rather loosely to describe practices like movement meditation, mindful eating and even just “practices done to feel good and look after yourself” as I read in one article. It’s true, mindfulness […]

Intro to Meditation Course – April Start, CBD

Introduction to Meditation with Nadya Peshevska A six week meditation course to cultivate meditation, mindfulness and calmness in daily life. Practicing mindfulness offers the ability to develop the art of being ‘the witness’, cultivating a clear mind and disengaging from mental clutter. This meditation course can help you to cultivate the art of observation, acceptance, letting go […]

Embodied Nature – Junior Yoga – Path of the Dancing Warrior

Welcome to Path of the Dancing Warrior kids yoga training! On July 12, children ages 6-14 are invited to join us for Embodied Nature as part of our 3 day series.

Soul Jewels Session – Deepening Practice Workshop

Join us for a yoga & sound escape workshop in Bondi. 4 delicious hours of connecting to yourself, a partner and the circle to help you take your yoga practice off the mat and deeply into your life.

Top 10 Meditation Tools – Event Wrap

Thank you to all who attended our corporate mindfulness and meditation event. Here are our top ten tips to make meditation simple and easy. Stay tuned for more from Samuel Tesfay.

Why yoga? Do what you can.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” This is yoga. Simplicity. Connection. Truthfulness to where we are. When life shakes us awake regardless of inner resistance, that surely must mean we are ready? And yet, we often choose to return to old ways of doing things, to superseded patterns, to […]

Escape the Hamsterwheel

Easy Mindfulness Techniques To Stop the Chatter By Solveig Walkling Welcome to my hometown of Sydney, a giant, spinning hamster wheel where being busy is a status symbol. Sydneysiders wake up, grab coffee, dash out into rush hour, race through work to a quick lunch run, check-of-phone, banking-and-chores-tick, back to the full desk to meet […]