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Pix Update – Just for Fun

Despite my broken foot, I’ve been a busy bee shooting over the last few weeks. It’s amazing how much you can cheat walking, running and even single leg squats when you’re incapacitated. Although some of my efforts required a fair bit of voltarengel, lots of ice and a strong resolve. But I think the end […]

Just For Fun (pix)

‘Cause having fun is infectious, I’ll leave you with some of my more fun silly camera moments today. Go out and suck up some traveljuice, do a jump of joy or fly like superman! x   [slideshow]

Hamilton Island Dreaming (pix)

I’ve been VERY busy of late – especially with modelling. And I’ve even had the odd acting job thrown in, which has been super exciting and fun. Below are two of my most favourite recent shots. I call it “Hamilton Island Dreaming” shot by the talented Sarah Zehentner. I absolutely love the composition and ethereal […]

Chrysalis Ball Impressions

Last week, it was finally time for The Butterfly Foundation’s annual Sydney fundraiser, the Chrysalis Ball. Doltone House had been decked out with blue touches and butterflies everywhere, a dancefloor and big screens displaying the items in the silent auction. Centrepiece was a stage which Glenn Wheeler commanded on the night. Amidst all that glamour, […]

Pilates, dance, beauty and cover shoot

If a shoot’s success was measured in laughs per minute, yesterday’s job for Fernwood magazine would have been right up there. I knew beforehand that I was in for a treat working with photographer Paul Suesse who shoots for ACP titles like Cleo, FHM and Cosmo but what I didn’t know was that the rest […]

Hot Photography Tips

During my time at the Australian Traveller magazine, I was lucky enough to interview some of our country’s leading landscape and wildlife photographers, such as Ken Duncan and Steve Parish. But one of my favourite articles to work on was the one below, on photographers’ secret spots to capture the essence of the outback. Speaking […]

I Go Underwater

When I first saw some of Scott Williams’ stunning photos, I knew I wanted to shoot with him. The professional underwater photographer has followed a rare route, mostly foregoing land-based photography and opting for pool shots instead. But they’re not your typical underwater shots, as Scott makes them look like fine art. Scott originally conceived […]

Boys on Breakwall

Sometimes, simplicity is best. I love the perspective in the shot below. It’s now available in my online shop; just click on the photo to open. You’ll be able to grab anything from a postcard through to a mounted and framed wall print. And if you’d like any of my other pictures that aren’t uploaded […]

Back Due to Popular Demand

If you haven’t seen me in a while, you’d better eat your Special K, pack your cossie and hang out at a local busstop. Due to popular demand, last year’s “Join the New You Resolution” ad is back around Sydney. And it seems you don’t need to be eating the healthy cereal to be bikini-ready. I […]

DJ at Dusk

Photography can be unpredictable. Quite often, I’ll be trying to nail a shot where I have painstakingly worked on composition, light and camera settings and still only get an okay result – just to turn around and get the most awesome snapshot of something totally random. As Ken Duncan would probably say, it’s about that […]