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Top 10 Meditation Tools – Event Wrap

Thank you to all who attended our corporate mindfulness and meditation event. Here are our top ten tips to make meditation simple and easy. Stay tuned for more from Samuel Tesfay.

Why modify? Hasta Bandha – Yogic Wrist Lock

Hasta Bandha – yogic wrist lock – try this exercise to get it right. Here’s why.

Escape the Hamsterwheel

Easy Mindfulness Techniques To Stop the Chatter By Solveig Walkling Welcome to my hometown of Sydney, a giant, spinning hamster wheel where being busy is a status symbol. Sydneysiders wake up, grab coffee, dash out into rush hour, race through work to a quick lunch run, check-of-phone, banking-and-chores-tick, back to the full desk to meet […]

TRY THIS: wellbeing practice

If you think the latest crash diet, a personal trainer to whip you into shape or the odd nip and tuck will help you become or stay gorgeous, you’re on a one way train to divorcing-your-body-hell. Perhaps you sometimes wonder how models, actresses and celebrities get  incredibly good-looking and healthy and think easy fixes are […]