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Question Answered: Pilates for Runners with Upper Body Tightness

If you do a lot of upper body work – exercises like boxing, lifting or rowing – you may find you struggle with tension through the neck and shoulders when running or perhaps you find you can’t open your chest well and get deep breaths in, exhausting more quickly. Here are a few Pilates exercises […]

Injury? What Injury?

When you’re sick, laughter, rest and sleep are the best medicine… Unless if you’re an athlete. Elite or not, they’re a particularly interesting breed.  While I understand the concept of rest and strive for balance in my training, I must’ve been sitting on my ears when I was told that rehab exercises won’t help my […]

Runner’s Knee

This blog post is a direct answer to a question i was asked on facebook… SO if you have any questions, fire away. If I don’t have the answer, I’ll interview those in the know for you. QUESTION: Have you ever had runner’s knee? And what can you recommend? ANSWER: Yes… See the bruised and […]

Extreme Ironman

Why anyone would enter an ironman would have been completely beyond me just two years ago. And yet, entries to popular Ironman events sell out in minutes. It looks like there are quite a few semi-crazy people out there who don’t mind the odd 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and 42.2 km run. […]

Training Tips #1

From Women’s Running Australia’s Website Sol Walkling’s Training Tips #1 I signed up for my first Half Ironman – that’s a 1.8km swim, 90km bike ride and 21km run. The biggest event I’d done before this was the City to Surf, a measly little run up a hill in comparison to what I’d gotten myself […]

Leap of Faith

Sometimes you need to take a giant leap of faith and hope the ground you’ll land on will carry you. When this shot was taken, I was just starting to look for a new challenge to sign up for. Something that would beat the Outback Marathon and Half Ironman I did last year. Why? Well, […]

Improve your performance

It’s a rare creature that gets up at 5am to go to a Pilates class. A type personalities “just like you”, Kylie from Body Maintenance Studio in Balmain told me. I love teaching people who want a challenge. People who like to progress and aren’t adverse to feeling the burn while at the same time […]

Reader question answered

I recently had an email from one of my readers regarding the NIDA short courses I did a few years ago. How good are they and what did you get out of it, he asked. Here’s my answer: I personally enjoyed the voice course a lot – the teacher was fantastic and it incorporated body […]

Pilates running technique

I’m not sure if I overdid it a bit with my two runs over two hours in three days… But due to a combination of work and excessive play, my immune system crashed this week. Thankfully, it only took me a day to get over the worst – which hopefully means my body is generally […]

Manly to Spit Walk

Well, in M’s and my case, it turned into a two hour and a bit run. I can’t believe it. We set out to do an hour – I even had to quieten that voice in the back of my head telling me that I was actually still a teeny bit sore from Sunday. Lucky […]