By Topic: Sol Walkling

Why yoga? Do what you can.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” This is yoga. Simplicity. Connection. Truthfulness to where we are. When life shakes us awake regardless of inner resistance, that surely must mean we are ready? And yet, we often choose to return to old ways of doing things, to superseded patterns, to […]

Paradise Pilates: Fiji Core Galore

Welcome back! If your core is fairly deconditioned, I can currently really relate. After several weeks of mainly yoga, swimming and kayaking, I am slowly building back up to looking and feeling like a Pilates instructor. With your core, less can often be more – in particular if you are generally quite sporty and your […]

TRY THIS: teetotal vs champagne

Was anybody else surprised to see an International Champagne Day pop up on Friday? In the face of Dry July and no-drinking challenges everywhere, it kinda smacked of bad taste – or make that stale champagne – to me. But then I’ve lately been going through a bit of a transformation with my tastebuds following […]

TRY THIS: New Year’s Resolution Now

With Jingle Bells playing in shopping malls, crying kids queuing for a ride with Santa and 2012 rapidly drawing to a close, have you thought about your New Year’s Resolution yet? Who are we kidding… You probably haven’t even gotten anywhere near your Christmas shopping, right? Can I suggest to you right now – before […]

Paradise Pilates: Fiji Leg Alert

I spent all of September deepening my understanding of yoga in gorgeous Fiji. Staying at Daku Resort in Savusavu, it wasn’t your usual holiday. Instead of  exploring the island or sailing from one to another, I spent my days meditating, practising yoga sequences and chanting with a whole bunch of amazing girls. It was an […]

TRY THIS: wellbeing practice

If you think the latest crash diet, a personal trainer to whip you into shape or the odd nip and tuck will help you become or stay gorgeous, you’re on a one way train to divorcing-your-body-hell. Perhaps you sometimes wonder how models, actresses and celebrities get  incredibly good-looking and healthy and think easy fixes are […]

BLOG: 10km Fiji Swim Adventure

  Total calm and ease were the two dominant feelings in the 12 hours leading up to my first solo 10km ocean swim. There was nothing left to do other than last minute race preps like putting out all my gear, checking my gels, goggles, cossie, eating, hydrating and praying for better weather than the […]

HOW TO: Pilates Hundreds

The Pilates Hundred is one of the perhaps most commonly taught Pilates exercises. For instructors, we can see a lot about our clients’ abdominal endurance and some postural habits or weaker spots during this exercise. Get it right from the beginning and always work within your body’s limitations. If you get it wrong, you’ll more […]

Question Answered: Pilates for Runners with Upper Body Tightness

If you do a lot of upper body work – exercises like boxing, lifting or rowing – you may find you struggle with tension through the neck and shoulders when running or perhaps you find you can’t open your chest well and get deep breaths in, exhausting more quickly. Here are a few Pilates exercises […]

Deb Roach “Leading The Way” Filex 2012

Billed as the health and fitness industry’s #1 event in Australia, Filex, once again, offered an impressive array of seminars, talks and sessions in 2012. What perhaps stood out most to me on my first (and only – thanks to my broken foot swelling up to ginormous proportions) day at Filex was a glimpse at the […]