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Stretch Station at Chinaman Swim

Here at BMS we love our sports, especially swimming. Just like yoga and Pilates, it is utterly good for you – especially as you age. Flowing through yoga poses, executing Pilates movements and swimming have a lot in common: low impact by nature, often practiced in outdoor locations and great as a mindful movement meditation, […]

Stretch Yourself – Women’s Running Blog Post

Back in the eighties, ballistic stretches were all the rage, bopping your head and fingertips down towards your toes to the sound of ‘Rhythm Is a Dancer’ – as were Jane Fonda videos, dotted leggings and headbands. I sincerely hope you have given up on all of the above and only listen to ‘Heaven is […]

Pilates for Surfers

One of the major drawcards of surfing is perhaps the unpredictability of the ocean. No two surf sessions are ever exactly alike, as the outcome is largely dependent on factors outside yourself. All you need to do is show up and stick with it. Paddle, paddle and paddle is what it’s all about, as a […]