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Mindfulness, Meditation & Flow State

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming buzzwords and that trend has good and bad effects.  As the words entered mainstream culture, they started getting used rather loosely to describe practices like movement meditation, mindful eating and even just “practices done to feel good and look after yourself” as I read in one article. It’s true, mindfulness […]

Intro to Meditation Course – April Start, CBD

Introduction to Meditation with Nadya Peshevska A six week meditation course to cultivate meditation, mindfulness and calmness in daily life. Practicing mindfulness offers the ability to develop the art of being ‘the witness’, cultivating a clear mind and disengaging from mental clutter. This meditation course can help you to cultivate the art of observation, acceptance, letting go […]

Meditation with the BodyMindSol Team

Welcome to mindful in March. We decided to get a headstart on the year and offer you true peace of mind before things get hectic. Is meditation one of your goals? Well, there are another 9 months to go before December is upon us again, three before the end of the financial year is looming […]

Move Together this Christmas- Bring a friend for FREE

We invite you to bring a friend, family member and co-worker for FREE this Christmas. Frivolous party season jokes aside, we’d love to see you on the mat at our studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for some much deserved – and probably needed – yoga and mindfulness time NOW.

$75 Per Month Opening Offer – Limited Numbers Only!

$225 Opening Offer at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool Studio for 100 first customers only. Get unlimited yoga and Pilates now!

Signature Classes – Yoga & Pilates

Pilates, Yoga Flow, Foundations + Core and Restorative + Meditation are just some of our most popular classes at the studio and workplaces.

BodyMindSol STUDIO – We’re open!

We’ve finally found a home studio that sums up BodyMindSol. In an exclusive location so very close to nature at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool.