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Pilates, Homer and doughnuts

What Homer’s got to do with back pain This Pilates segment is all about doughnuts, jam and how to improve back and neck pain. As we get older and spend more and more of our time sitting down, beer in one hand, remote or mobile in the other, our bodies resemble Homer Simpson more and […]

Pilates for Surfers

One of the major drawcards of surfing is perhaps the unpredictability of the ocean. No two surf sessions are ever exactly alike, as the outcome is largely dependent on factors outside yourself. All you need to do is show up and stick with it. Paddle, paddle and paddle is what it’s all about, as a […]

Not Seeing Eye Level

Eugene Tan, a Tamarama-based water photographer, got his first camera in a garage sale at the age of nine. It was the size of an adult’s palm and tiny compared to some of the equipment he uses for his work these days. Now, the 33-year-old owns a multitude of cameras and lenses. The largest one […]