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Question Answered: Pilates for Runners with Upper Body Tightness

If you do a lot of upper body work – exercises like boxing, lifting or rowing – you may find you struggle with tension through the neck and shoulders when running or perhaps you find you can’t open your chest well and get deep breaths in, exhausting more quickly. Here are a few Pilates exercises […]

Extreme Ironman

Why anyone would enter an ironman would have been completely beyond me just two years ago. And yet, entries to popular Ironman events sell out in minutes. It looks like there are quite a few semi-crazy people out there who don’t mind the odd 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike ride and 42.2 km run. […]

Pilates, Homer and doughnuts

What Homer’s got to do with back pain This Pilates segment is all about doughnuts, jam and how to improve back and neck pain. As we get older and spend more and more of our time sitting down, beer in one hand, remote or mobile in the other, our bodies resemble Homer Simpson more and […]

Ocean Swimming

“Just do it” is one of my favourite mantras. It might only be a crappy marketing slogan in most people’s books but for me it works. I use it to face off my fears; one by one.  Like when I jumped ten metres into a rockpool or did loop-da-loops in a fighter plane overcoming my […]