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Dive deep into wellness

Now, the beginning of the festive (and silly) season, is the perfect moment to commit to a fresh start to 2016. Setting up the year through an intention of creating a mindful movement practice, exploring awareness techniques to focus and quieten the mind as well as to gain an edge in your life. The first […]

BLOG: 10km Fiji Swim Adventure

  Total calm and ease were the two dominant feelings in the 12 hours leading up to my first solo 10km ocean swim. There was nothing left to do other than last minute race preps like putting out all my gear, checking my gels, goggles, cossie, eating, hydrating and praying for better weather than the […]

Hot Photography Tips

During my time at the Australian Traveller magazine, I was lucky enough to interview some of our country’s leading landscape and wildlife photographers, such as Ken Duncan and Steve Parish. But one of my favourite articles to work on was the one below, on photographers’ secret spots to capture the essence of the outback. Speaking […]

Travel Presenter Reel


What’s the buzz?

Models don’t eat. Models are incredibly skinny, throw temper tantrums all the time and obsess about their weight. They are fashion icons and portray an unattainable ideal of beauty. Move over Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the plus-size revolution has arrived. The above is actually the intro to an article I wrote several years ago, […]