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Fit, fab, feisty, fun… and foxy!

Woohoo! Get ready for some action, people! The long awaited (at least by me) Fernwood TVC is about to hit screens around Australia this week. I loved the concept from the word go. “Women, here are a few new “f” words:  FOXY… FIT… FEISTY… FUN… FAB… Fernwood” Beautifully shot with upbeat fun music and fabulous […]

Oh what a feeling!

The world of TV and modelling is a bizarre one at times. Special attention is paid during castings to match actors’ and models’ looks and then, on the day, everything gets changed at the last minute. Almost always. It makes for a more exciting and challenging day. I was cast as part of a Rav […]

Abs and Chin-ups

It looks as if this year is turning into my year of healthy foods. Not only did I make bus stops and cereal packs for Special K, my Burgen Bread TV commercial featuring me as Calcium in the Nutrients Bootcamp is also still on air. If you ask me, it’s a nice change from last […]

Oh what a feeling!

It’s been raining jobs lately and today I got to shoot a TVC for Toyota. (But I missed out on shooting for one of my favourite magazines tomorrow as a consequence – the weather’s been too fickle to lock in just one day for location shoots.) As usual in the  glamourous world of modelling and […]

Introducing “Calcium” for Burgen

Donning a white full body lycra suit on my latest TV commercial almost turned into a total disaster when a tiny cut on my foot reopened as I was squeezing myself into the tight outfit. The suits had been made to measure for every extra in the Burgen Bread TVC and there were no back-ups. The […]