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Ready, Set, Go: New Classes Starting!

Come  join us at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in The Domain for our extended summer timetable starting October 29th. With a refreshed A team including senior teachers Jade, Donald, Ryko and Sol joined by Nicky and Liza, we’ll help you stretch, connect and restore this summer. We are also running a special $225 for 3 […]

10 min Yoga Sequence: Core & Hips

Struggling to get out of bed and come to our classes? Enjoy this 10 min warming hip and core yoga sequence. It’s also a great tool post work.

The Honest Truth About Eating Disorders?

I’ll say it straight up: You may not like what you are about to see. It is confronting. And if you have had an eating disorder or do have one, I would, in fact, advise you not to watch the video. When I watched it, it brought back memories of what I saw when I […]

Injury? What Injury?

When you’re sick, laughter, rest and sleep are the best medicine… Unless if you’re an athlete. Elite or not, they’re a particularly interesting breed.  While I understand the concept of rest and strive for balance in my training, I must’ve been sitting on my ears when I was told that rehab exercises won’t help my […]

Jumping around

This week I had the absolute pleasure to work on a TV commercial for Fernwood gyms. Despite being a little crook on the day, I couldn’t stop bouncing around with energy as the team set up various camera angles and prepared my running and Tae Bo scenes. I can’t tell you too much about the […]

Introducing “Calcium” for Burgen

Donning a white full body lycra suit on my latest TV commercial almost turned into a total disaster when a tiny cut on my foot reopened as I was squeezing myself into the tight outfit. The suits had been made to measure for every extra in the Burgen Bread TVC and there were no back-ups. The […]

Travel Presenter Reel