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Paradise Pilates: Fiji Core Galore

Welcome back! If your core is fairly deconditioned, I can currently really relate. After several weeks of mainly yoga, swimming and kayaking, I am slowly building back up to looking and feeling like a Pilates instructor. With your core, less can often be more – in particular if you are generally quite sporty and your […]

Paradise Pilates: Fiji Leg Alert

I spent all of September deepening my understanding of yoga in gorgeous Fiji. Staying at Daku Resort in Savusavu, it wasn’t your usual holiday. Instead of  exploring the island or sailing from one to another, I spent my days meditating, practising yoga sequences and chanting with a whole bunch of amazing girls. It was an […]

HOW TO: Pilates Hundreds

The Pilates Hundred is one of the perhaps most commonly taught Pilates exercises. For instructors, we can see a lot about our clients’ abdominal endurance and some postural habits or weaker spots during this exercise. Get it right from the beginning and always work within your body’s limitations. If you get it wrong, you’ll more […]

Pilates Ab Exercises vs Standard Sit-Ups

You don’t need a lot of time to improve your core strength with Pilates. It’s a fact. Studies show that Pilates exercises like the roll-up and teaser beat sit-ups by far. They may not work your six pack muscle – the rectus abdominus – as much but that is a good thing! In contrast, they […]

Pilates Bikini Workout

I discovered a love for doing Pilates outdoors during my sailing trip to Hamilton Island last year. The fresh air, open sky and sunlight just add a real feelgood factor to the workout. It’s totally different to being in a stuffy studio or your own loungeroom. Granted, if you’re new, you might not be familiar […]

Pilates for fun and the heart

There are many things Pilates can do. It can give you a more toned waist, long toned muscles, greater flexibility, incredible focus, the ability to regulate your breathing and much, much more. But the positive effects for your cardiovascular system were limited until recently. Now, the latest form of Pilates has aficionados jumping up and […]

Pilates running technique

I’m not sure if I overdid it a bit with my two runs over two hours in three days… But due to a combination of work and excessive play, my immune system crashed this week. Thankfully, it only took me a day to get over the worst – which hopefully means my body is generally […]

Women’s Health: Rev Up Your Workout

This month, you can find me exercising in Women’s Health magazine… I still find it hard to believe I’m now writing and modelling for the mag – it used to be one of my favourite magazines for years from when I was a teenager. No matter which country I loved in you could be sure […]

Manly to Spit Walk

Well, in M’s and my case, it turned into a two hour and a bit run. I can’t believe it. We set out to do an hour – I even had to quieten that voice in the back of my head telling me that I was actually still a teeny bit sore from Sunday. Lucky […]