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Embodied Nature – Dancing Warriors Day 1

Welcome to day one of our Path of the Dancing Warrior kids yoga training! On April 11, children ages 5-12 are invited to join us for a day of exploring, creating and marvelling in the wonders of inner and outer nature. Part of our 3 day series, this first day will include yoga in the […]

Restore, Recover, Relax

You may be training like a champion but are you recovering like one? Hacking your body’s ability to bounce back from competitions, intense workouts or even just intense training or work periods could be the key to enhancing your performance. What’s more, you may find you can perform with more ease – and refreshed mental […]

Triathlon NSW Partnership

We’re pleased to announce our new Athletic Partnership with Triathlon New South Wales (TNSW) to assist in a drive to improve the health and wellbeing of TNSW Members. BodyMindSol will be part of the Community Sports Link Program, an initiative of TNSW that seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide variety of other community organisations and […]

Stretch Station at Chinaman Swim

Here at BMS we love our sports, especially swimming. Just like yoga and Pilates, it is utterly good for you – especially as you age. Flowing through yoga poses, executing Pilates movements and swimming have a lot in common: low impact by nature, often practiced in outdoor locations and great as a mindful movement meditation, […]

Yoga – A Flow State of Mind and Being

Twisting yourself into contorted positions while listening to a teacher tell you about compassion and surrender may not have anything obvious to do with peak performance and flow state, the practice of yoga is one of the ultimate tools to hacking your way of being in the world. Ancient in its origins, and yet, yoga […]

Move Together this Christmas- Bring a friend for FREE

We invite you to bring a friend, family member and co-worker for FREE this Christmas. Frivolous party season jokes aside, we’d love to see you on the mat at our studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for some much deserved – and probably needed – yoga and mindfulness time NOW.

Strengthen Your Practice with Our Online Videos

Time poor? Can’t get to the studio? Join us for online Pilates and yoga video sessions to keep you fit and mobile.

Foundations Workshop with Jade

Are you ready to learn the principle foundations of a balanced yoga practice? Do you want to deepen your understanding of a strongly grounded yoga practice? This workshop is suited to beginners and practitioners wishing to explore yoga in a safe and educational environment. Learn a step by step approach for developing a strong body, […]

Athletic Partnerships at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

Movement is our passion.  We love working with athletes – from amateur to elite level. And we’ve racked up quite a track record working with tennis players and golfers at the Royal Sydney Golf Course, the NRL referees team and Wests Tigers as well as triathletes, cyclists, runners , swimmers and dancers. Sol also assisted […]

Andrew Boy Charlton Pool Open Day – Free Yoga & Pilates

Fancy a free hit of yoga and Pilates poolside? Want to chill at one of Sydney’s most outstanding locations? Join us for the ABC Pool’s annual Open Day this Saturday, October 29th. Not only can you check out our new extended timetable with a 7am Pilates, 8.30am and 10am yoga and 5.30pm Yin Yang class […]