Thinking Heart, Feeling Mind

Valentine’s Day can be a little bit of a controversial topic. Amongst my friends, acquaintances and clients, sentiments today range from excited (those who are newly in love) over resigned and cynical (those who are away from their loved ones or have recently become single) to defyingly self loving (those going through positive change in their lives). One feeling they all seem to share: annoyance at the¬†commercialisation of Valentine’s Day.

But what if we took the day as an opportunity to practise gratitude FOR love instead? Rather than expecting expressions of love from friends, family, lovers or showing love with gifts, hugs, words and perhaps even getting disappointed with the day, what would happen if you turned inwards? Leave the pressure of the day behind, step outside the expectations and conditioned response and perhaps meditate on love or think of your loved ones and how those connections make you feel or come right into your body and just feel present and joyful and see what happens?

I know that may sound like mumbo jumbo to some of you (or perhaps even a lot of you) but love really doesn’t have to be external or even externally expressed at all. It can just be a feeling, an attitude and a chosen response to life. I came across this beautiful video a while ago that I’d like to share with you for V Day. It’s my virtual gift to you. :-)


I hope you enjoyed watching it? If not, I’d like to hear your feedback too!

For this post, I’d like to leave you with a brief audio preview of a CD that helped me shift a few things and come to a profound sense of gratitude for where I’m at. In the hope that it may resonate with a few of you, here is Stephanie Dowrick’s Seeking The Sacred. The title of this blog post “Thinking Heart, Feeling Mind” is a quote from her book that particularly touched me.¬†If you’d like to read more by Stephanie, here’s a link to a Valentine’s post she’s put up on her blog.

And for any V Day grinches out there with a resistance to “all that spiritual waffle”, get yourself onto Julie Parker’s blog here for an excellent post on self love¬†– pronto!

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