Time For Play – Pilates Style

Pilates As you keep doing Pilates and improve your range of motion and core strength, there are only so many variations and repetitions of the Hundreds you want to do. Let’s face it, Joseph’s exercises are great and the various schools, such as Stott, Polestar, Classical and Romana’s have modified and developed them well. Their teachers are generally technically proficient and will help you improve your posture and alignment, if you give them the time and commitment needed.

The dish - a gymnastics moveBut then what? Once you’ve done your thousandth session of a variation of your first session, nicely executing the exercises without your shoulders becoming earrings, your belly looking as if you’re 4 months preggers in the roll-up or your hips wobbling more than an excited jellyfish in the hip release, where do you go?

That’s when you want to start looking at not just increasing the levers, reps and length of your sessions but instead adding in continuous movement and flowing transitions that challenge your coordination and balance.

Emma Kelly demonstrating

Throw in a few yoga or dance moves or some Tai Chi. You’d do the same if you were a boxer or runner. From taking those first technique centric first lessons in punching or slow running, you’d combine speed up and eventually just dance along the trail or in the ring.

Last week Claire Norgate, perennial speaker at Filex, midwife, yoga and Pilates instructor extraordinaire introduced a group of instructors to a routine she has developed for more advanced clients.

Claire Norgate + demonstrators

Claire is not only an outstanding instructor trainer herself but she also brought two inspiring girls with her to demonstrate – I’ll write a bit more about the two in a future post. For now, here’s a link to Claire’s program for my instructors out there and below are a few inspiring photos from the session I took on the day. Enjoy!

Also, if you prefer reformer Pilates, check out this advanced reformer video by Jean Claude Nelson. I absolutely adore this guy’s technique and fluidity.


And as always, stay tuned, I’ll be posting some of my favourite mat Pilates combinations in a do-it-at-home video soon.


Time to Relax

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  • Love this! I teach a strain of Pilates called Fitness Pilates that uses similar principles. Many of my moves stem from the movements in figure skating though – that’s my unique twist :)

    That side plank variation looks amazing by the way! Think I may need to invent a few more things…

    • solwalkling

      I know! Check out Claire’s PDF – you’ll love it! Have you got your routine available online? xx

      • I will do, thank you! I have bits and bobs on my YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/figureskatingdaisy however I’d love to film a full hour-long session to really demonstrate the flow from move to move. You’ve given me a project now yippee :) xx

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