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Models don’t eat. Models are incredibly skinny, throw temper tantrums all the time and obsess about their weight. They are fashion icons and portray an unattainable ideal of beauty. Move over Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, the plus-size revolution has arrived.

The above is actually the intro to an article I wrote several years ago, when I had just started plus size modelling and was amazed at the silent revolution that seemed under way without anyone noticing. Coming from a straight (or skinny) size background, I did a little research into the phenomenon.

Back then, asking a random guy in a pub what he thought of plus-size models was a bit like asking him if he’d like some tea in his VB. You’d get one of two reactions – either a totally blank expression and a “Sorry, plus what?” or one of sheer disgust. “Plus-size? You mean as in fat? Mate, I saw some lingerie pictures of a plus-size model in this magazine the other day… I mean, honestly, who wants to see fat chicks in their undies?”

Of course, the reaction hinted at a common misconception, as plus-size models actually start at a size 12 – hardly making the model podgy, let alone “fat”.

Here’s a link to an article on the same topic that caught my eye today. The article’s about a photo which appeared in the US version of Glamour last year showing a size 12  model. What fashion editors call a “real girl”. (As opposed to an unreal or fake girl, i.e. skinny model, of course.)

The beautiful but hardly spectacular or groundbreaking photo created a huge show of support from women, and the magazine editor was inundated with letters and e-mails proclaiming the 20-year-old model’s image as “the most amazing photograph … ever seen in any women’s magazine” and the like.

Photo from Glamour's Sept 08 Issue

Photo from Glamour's Sept 08 Issue

I agree that Lizzi Miller is naturally beautiful and it’s refreshing to see her image used in a major women’s magazine. I love the fact she’s a healthy size, comfortable in her body and by no means fat.

But c’mon people, get rid of the over- and under-sized categories already.

Move over skinny and plus models, I say. Bring on the normal and healthy size “real girls”.

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