Our Mission

BodyMindSol was established in 2010 with the mission to bring greater wellbeing to all our clients. Our team of senior facilitators offer movement, mindfulness and meditation Sydney-wide. We run a mind body studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool offering yoga, Pilates & more. Dedicated corporate programs and working with private clients at their homes or exclusive members-only locations like the RMYC are our forte. We thrive on creating strong programs and engagement. This passion has seen us create the Dancing Warriors, a kids-only school holiday program to help kids establish a great mind body connection at a young age. As you can see already, our clients come from all walks of life but have one common desire: to become more aware, aligned, strong and flexible – and not just in body.

Our Story

BMS’s founder Sol Walkling started her work with special populations right after qualifying as a Pilates mat & reformer and yoga teacher in early 2010. With her own background in sports and with a history of injuries and trauma, she took a strong interest in assisting clients with their specific needs. Using movement as medicine to free up the body, mind and individual’s spirit, she quickly started working with athletes, businesses and high profile clients, such as Sydney personality Ros Packer, Paralympic swimmer Ben Austin and the NRL.

Developing programs for several mind body studios as well as companies, she established BodyMindSol as a strong team for her exclusive engagement with the Royal Sydney Golf Course from 2012, where she successfully headed up a popular yoga and Pilates mat and reformer program as well as private client sessions.

“What we deliver best is movement with a strong functional training aspect. We aim to teach mindfulness through the physical body as a tool; and our progressive muscle relaxation classes and meditation sessions are popular across the board,” says lead facilitator Sol. She draws on her extensive sports, Pilates and yoga background as well as work with elite athletes to deliver the best session to you every time. Our team is specifically selected not just for their down to earth personalities and engaging nature but for their thorough and dedicated approach to alignment, individual postural needs and work with emotional trauma and stress. “We aim to meet you where you are at.”

Our Offering

A highly responsive approach has allowed us to develop extensive multi-site corporate programs with many added benefits such as in depth surveys, executive sessions and wellbeing days. We’ve successfully assisted private clients – some for years in multiple weekly sessions – through changing life situations, weightloss, changing physical needs and posture and deep trauma work. Our largest group classes have run outdoors at Bondi Beach and Sydney Olympic Park with up to 50 people and we have partnered with several brands over the years. We’ve run expert talks, started in-house wellbeing initiatives and managed annual company-wide wellbeing events. Sports and injury specific sessions are our daily bread. Our passion has driven us to develop  dedicated kids mindfulness and movement programs called the Dancing Warriors that take 5-12-year-olds beyond yoga into nature and an exploration of mindful play.

Our headquarters are at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney and Bondi and our team provide location independent sessions. We are experienced in tailoring our approach to your needs. Our client list is extensive and includes: Royal Sydney Golf Club, Bioceuticals, NSW Institute of Sports, Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Athletics Australia, Relationships Australia, Lux Group, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, NRL, Ovolo Hotels, MTP Health, Royal Motor Yacht Club and others. As a new client, we’ll guide you through the process from initial survey or interview to the long term investment in your wellbeing and lifestyle. With our dedicated and tailored practice, the impossible comes within reach.

“A love for the human body and zest for movement truly set our corporate and private sessions apart and give our energetic, flowing and transformational group classes and events their special flavour. Nourishing your mind body connection in a fun yet challenging way, we empower you to transform – creating the body and life you desire.”