Our edge is developing programs for different “special” populations. We look at your strengths and weaknesses, your lifestyle needs and current situation before we make recommendations. Working in different locations around Sydney and offering utter flexibility in our approach means we can design  a tailored approach that will hit the nail on the head – every time.

Here at BodyMindSol we believe the body naturally wants to come to a state of harmony and balance. Our job is simply to remove all the obstacles. Come join us at our Andrew Boy Charlton Pool studio or enquire about private sessions to experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.

Doing yoga with your team at work is not just more convenient, you will also benefit from our range of additional offerings such as team challenges, workshops, seminars and comprehensive programs to help you better your wellbeing.

When your kids come to our school holiday camps with Sports Camps Australia, join us for Path of the Dancing Warrior mindfulness workshops at our studio or take part in an excursion organised for their vacation care enter or school, we won’t just be doing yoga. We’ll go to the essence of the practice, the word union our guiding principle to help the kids connect – to one another, nature, their own self. You can expect them to learn life skills self management.

Having a quick stretch and relax after your sports sessions won’t be just affecting your flexibility and stress level. We’ll be introducing you to mindful movement and meditative practices – with the aim to help you find greater performance and ease on and off the pitch.

Helping you recover from an injury doesn’t mean we will just put you through a series of gentle (and boring) exercises. We aim to educate you to change your daily postural habits and movement patterns. As you progress, we’ll introduce more and more functional exercises to assist you back to the results you desire – pain-free.

Experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.

Let’s find out how we can help you transform into a healthier, fitter and happier you today!