Movement, Mindfulness, Meditation

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From body to mind to wellbeing in everyday life

With this approach, mindful movement serves as a gateway to greater freedom, ease and space in your physical body as you transform movement patterns, improve postural habits, rehabilitate injuries, release trauma and create awareness around your physical body. The flow-on effect so often experienced even by complete newcomers to yoga or Pilates is a relaxing effect on the mind, a sense of peace at the end of your practice and a feeling of wellbeing in your body. Committed clients often comment on the subtle yet profound effects a sustained practice has on their interactions in the workplace, their experienced stress levels (or lack thereof) and the palpable relief flowing into their personal life as they become more centred and, well, zen.

The transformative physical journey

A willingness to be led to work through your existing physical limitations is all that’s needed for a start on the physical journey. The beauty of a non-dogmatic mindful movement approach to clients’ bodies is that you’ll be met right where you are at. As everybody responds very differently, your program is tailored to your needs in every session to lead you to your best physical self possible.

Numerous clients have replaced tolerating daily low level pain with enjoying a freedom and ease of movement previously unthinkable. The flow-on effects are often improved sleep, better eating, weightloss and a newfound or rediscovered love for sports.

What we deliver best is mindful movement with a strong functional training aspect. Senior facilitator Sol Walkling draws on her extensive sports, Pilates and yoga background as well as work with elite athletes to deliver the best session to you every time.

Experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.