Solveig Walkling, BodyMindSol Founder

An introduction to yoga and dance at age 10 instilled Sol with a lifelong passion for movement and mindfulness practice. She has been teaching classes and private sessions as well as mentoring junior teachers, leading teams, organising wellbeing programs and events, running yoga and Pilates studios and presenting and writing on wellbeing for over 7 years.

Current and past private clients include Paralympic swimmer Ben Austin, NRL referees, Wests Tigers, Leona Edmiston, Alan Rydge, Elizabeth Wadsworth and many more.

On a corporate and program level, Sol has developed and implemented programs for the Royal Sydney Golf Course, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, NSW Institute of Sports, Athletics Australia, Sydney Sports Medicine Centre, Gymnastics NSW, Royal Motor Yacht Club, Real Insurance, Lux Group, Bioceuticals, P.E. Pilates and many others.

Personally, I believe in breaking through my own limitations. Regardless of the form of our practice, finding stillness in motion and creating space for a new and difference experience is at the core of what I teach. Working through the physical, we can shift our attitudes, thoughts and ways of interacting and connecting.

In my years as a teacher, I have witnessed people overcoming postural limitations, deep trauma and long term ailments. Using our physical body as a gateway to other aspects of our inner and outer world is a liberating and empowering experience. I see my role as Founder of BodyMindSol as a guardian to develop techniques, sessions, teams and programs to help our clients find this within themselves.

Through my journey with movement, mindfulness and meditation, my clients and teachers have inspired me to continuously challenge my knowledge and explore how best to approach each body individually – particularly in a group class environment. This is what BodyMindSol’s sessions really allow for. Our teachers are interested in learning about you. We are committed to finding movement solutions to assist your needs.

Professional background

Sol has been teaching Pilates and yoga full time, working with athletes and special populations and running studios since early 2010.

With a strong movement background across different sports and mindful movement techniques, Sol is an all rounder with a deep interest in yoga practice and the human condition since 1989.

In her early career, she successfully grew and managed a recruitment team in London, funded studies and a journalism degree with modelling and stepped into her facilitation calling in Australia at age 30.

Sol has 1000+ hours of yoga teacher training with School Yoga Institute, Powerliving Australia, Shiva Rea, Synergy Yoga, Ana Forrest and others under her belt as well as certifications in Stott Mat and Reformer Pilates and other smaller institutes. She is looking to complete her 800hr International Yoga Teacher Trainer started with SYI in 2015.

Personal highlights

Building a mind body program at the Royal Sydney Golf Course while running a private studio and corporate programs concurrently

Teaching groups of 30-50 students for Sydney Olympic Park and Benefit Australia

Paralympic swimmer Ben Austin’s gold medal at the Delhi Commonwealth Games after delivering a dedicated core and range of motion program before the event

Completed Half Ironman, Outback Marathon and 10km ocean swim

Each and every one of our clients’ success stories make my day and keep me believing in BMS mission: to create greater wellbeing for all and help people free themselves from pain and limitations.

Experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.

Sol is a force of nature. Five stars.

Greg Barton, Freelance Editor, Photographer, Writer, Designer