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… However, after you showed me the “hasta bandha” a week ago (which I’ve been trying to use in my practice) I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the level of pain that I’m feeling in my wrist. And that’s despite doing a yoga class every day for the past week… Read more.

Karen Maley

The NRL Referees found great benefit in Sol’s sessions. Sol was exceptional in her knowledge and delivery, drawing the best out of our athletes. Their weary bodies and minds felt refreshed and revitalised after spending numerous sessions with her. Sol was very accommodating to our needs and would be great to have as a spiritual leader/movement expert in any organisation.

Cameron Black, NRL Referees Strength & Conditioning Manager

… However, after you showed me the “hasta bandha” a week ago (which I’ve been trying to use in my practice) I’ve noticed a huge reduction in the level of pain that I’m feeling in my wrist. And that’s despite doing a yoga class every day for the past week… Read more.

Karen Maley

I read about Sol in the Royal Sydney Golf Club newsletter and was inspired to attend her sessions. I found Sol to be more hands-on and exact with postural alignment than any other instructors I’d come across before. She was very conscious of aligning my body correctly and making the class interesting every time. I think Sol is fantastic as she is extremely committed to providing an exceptional, personalised session, for young, middle aged and older members of the Golf Club.

Ros Packer

Pilates with Sol stretches me out. It gets every part of the body moving – a bit like oiling the machine. It calms any niggles and I feel relaxed after. Over the next day or two, I can always feel my stomach muscles reactivated, too! Overall, it’s great for posture and strength and it’s the only regular exercise I do.

Leona Edmiston, Fashion Designer

Sol has proven to be the most effective and creative instructor of Pilates I have worked with. On working intensively with Sol in the lead up to the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games I was amazed at her innovative methods and ways to continuously get the best out of me. The result: Great core strength and my third Commonwealth Games medal.

Ben Austin, OAM Paralympic Swimmer / Gold Medalist / World Record Holder

Similar to going to a physio, Sol has sorted any ailments very quickly. I trust her work and she knows her stuff. Sol develops her classes from gentle to challenging athletic sessions and this has kept me attending her classes.

Jonathan Stretch AM. D PHIL. (OXON), FRAC

I have only just come on board with Body Mind Sol, but it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with Sol and her organisation. Everything is well organised, and the clients and I are both briefed well so that the initial meetings are quite seamless – providing the best conditions for ongoing smooth and enjoyable relationships. I’m really happy and proud to be part of such a professional outfit and look forward to more collaborations with the brand. Love being part of the team!

Nicky Lobo, Editor of Habitus Living http://www.habitusliving.com/

Sol is a force of nature. Five stars.

Greg Barton, Freelance Editor, Photographer, Writer, Designer

I’d never been to the gym before pilates reformer with Sol and I’ve seen incredible results. I can see definite improvements in my strength, posture, flexibility and endurance. Sol makes classes so much fun, adding upbeat music, varying the exercises and interacting with everyone. I know I’m going to get a tough but fun workout. She even makes us laugh throughout!

Helen Cramp, Accounting Recruiter Director

You will find working with Sol an utter pleasure and a joy. Professional and personable made my “working” day a breeze. I’ve been lucky enough to of had the opportunity of working more than once; highly recommended.

Josh Whitby, Kuva Photography

I highly recommend the services of Sol as a consultant and/or exercise practitioner. Her training competency is complimented by her understanding of the business equation, including marketing, PR, pre & post production, and target demographics.

Mepi Faoagali, CEO of Grand Final Technologies

Quite simply this really is the very best thing that I have ever done for myself! It is such a joy to have a private hour each week that is just for my fitness and wellbeing. Sol has wonderful teaching skills. She is knowledgeable, responsive and personable. She explains the philosophy and theory behind the movements which I find very interesting and helpful. This is an investment in myself I will continue. It is a necessary luxury!

Madeleine Schneider, Solicitor

I have been in Sol Walklings classes and am super impressed. She holds a very grounded experienced and mature space. She taught a class with three yoga first timers and the rest old timers beautifully, catering to everyones needs with ease. Her sensitive teaching style is creative and a great fit, alongside the other teachers at the living room.

Kylie O’Brien

The class was really well paced and was a great combination of challenging flow and more meditative aspects.

Jennifer Plumb

Experience the transformative power of mindful, functional movement.