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Reform Your Workout

March 22, 2017

Precision, specificity and repetition may all sound like very boring ingredients for a fun workout. If you are looking to have more ease and flow in your movement patterns return from an injury or, in fact, injury-proof your body, reformer Pilates may be just the deal. Popular with dancers since its inception almost a century […]

Restore, Recover, Relax

March 21, 2017

You may be training like a champion but are you recovering like one? Hacking your body’s ability to bounce back from competitions, intense workouts or even just intense training or work periods could be the key to enhancing your performance. What’s more, you may find you can perform with more ease – and refreshed mental […]

Meditation Station

March 9, 2017

Ever wondered what mindfulness and meditation on tap would look like? Well, how about people sitting in change rooms, at train stations, in waiting areas and other random places and silently listening to calming tracks on their wireless headsets? Cue: blissful smile and a more relaxed workforce. We’ve done what we long thought impossible. Broken […]

Meditation with the BodyMindSol Team

Welcome to mindful in March. We decided to get a headstart on the year and offer you true peace of mind before things get hectic. Is meditation one of your goals? Well, there are another 9 months to go before December is upon us again, three before the end of the financial year is looming […]

Dancing Warriors – Kids School Holiday Program

January 26, 2017

Welcome to our Dancing Warrior kids school holiday program!   On April 10, 11 and 12, children from 5 -12 are invited to join us for three days of nature play, mindfulness, yoga and art.   From 9am to 3pm each day, our dancing warriors will be exploring, creating and marvelling in the wonders of […]

Frontline Yoga at our Andrew Boy Charlton Pool Studio

Movement, mindfulness and meditation for special populations is our mission here at BMS. And so we’re utterly delighted to partner with Frontline Yoga for free classes for emergency services personnel at our studio in The Domain, Sydney. Frontline Yoga class is a free weekly yoga class for our current and former Frontline guardians, those who […]

Triathlon NSW Partnership

December 15, 2016

We’re pleased to announce our new Athletic Partnership with Triathlon New South Wales (TNSW) to assist in a drive to improve the health and wellbeing of TNSW Members. BodyMindSol will be part of the Community Sports Link Program, an initiative of TNSW that seeks to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with a wide variety of other community organisations and […]

Move Together this Christmas- Bring a friend for FREE

We invite you to bring a friend, family member and co-worker for FREE this Christmas. Frivolous party season jokes aside, we’d love to see you on the mat at our studio at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool for some much deserved – and probably needed – yoga and mindfulness time NOW.

Strengthen Your Practice with Our Online Videos

November 15, 2016

Time poor? Can’t get to the studio? Join us for online Pilates and yoga video sessions to keep you fit and mobile.

Athletic Partnerships at Andrew Boy Charlton Pool

October 27, 2016

Movement is our passion.  We love working with athletes – from amateur to elite level. And we’ve racked up quite a track record working with tennis players and golfers at the Royal Sydney Golf Course, the NRL referees team and Wests Tigers as well as triathletes, cyclists, runners , swimmers and dancers. Sol also assisted […]