Sol's Journal

Mindfulness, Meditation & Flow State

March 9, 2017

Mindfulness and meditation are becoming buzzwords and that trend has good and bad effects.  As the words entered mainstream culture, they started getting used rather loosely to describe practices like movement meditation, mindful eating and even just “practices done to feel good and look after yourself” as I read in one article. It’s true, mindfulness […]

Yoga – A Flow State of Mind and Being

December 15, 2016

Twisting yourself into contorted positions while listening to a teacher tell you about compassion and surrender may not have anything obvious to do with peak performance and flow state, the practice of yoga is one of the ultimate tools to hacking your way of being in the world. Ancient in its origins, and yet, yoga […]

Foundations, Foundations, Foundations

October 20, 2016

Learning the basics and repeating them as part of your regular practice is really crucial to developing zen. Like in sports, we cannot simply start practicing only advanced techniques and trying our luck in matches. A well prepared yogi and zen master – and I use that word only partially tongue-in-cheek – will need to […]

Junior Yoga: Child’s Play to Wholeness

June 19, 2016

Introducing our Junior Yoga – Path of the Dancing Warrior school holiday camp at Sydney Olympic Park. We’ll be drumming, dancing, doing yoga and much more.

Of Cacao and Keith, the Shaman

January 5, 2016

Imagine yourself in an outdoor yoga shala set on a lake surrounded by towering volcanoes. With three sides open to Guatemalan forest (looking more like jungle to the Western eye) and the lake changing its appearance on a whim every few hours, our first cacao ceremony with Keith, the shaman, reflected the exotic and whimsical […]

Why yoga? Do what you can.

July 1, 2015

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” This is yoga. Simplicity. Connection. Truthfulness to where we are. When life shakes us awake regardless of inner resistance, that surely must mean we are ready? And yet, we often choose to return to old ways of doing things, to superseded patterns, to […]

Escape the Hamsterwheel

June 17, 2015

Easy Mindfulness Techniques To Stop the Chatter By Solveig Walkling Welcome to my hometown of Sydney, a giant, spinning hamster wheel where being busy is a status symbol. Sydneysiders wake up, grab coffee, dash out into rush hour, race through work to a quick lunch run, check-of-phone, banking-and-chores-tick, back to the full desk to meet […]

How we learn – reverse engineering and such.

May 29, 2015

Going from a glorious “time off” in the jungle for International teacher training in Costa Rica to falling very sick in Guatemala and adding more illness and injury while trying to recover between flights in LA, I found myself tasked with learning a mindful approach to working through a hailstorm of tasks – all while […]

On new beginnings and harnessing nerves – a blogpost for new teachers

May 25, 2015

Beyond the sheer excitement of Body Mind Sol going live with a new website, I had a high hit of adrenaline rushing through my system today: first time teaching nerves. You’d think that with almost five-and-a-half years of full-time teaching, meaning thousands of client hours in classes and plenty of weekly private sessions as well […]

Leap of Faith

April 4, 2012

Sometimes you need to take a giant leap of faith and hope the ground you’ll land on will carry you. When this shot was taken, I was just starting to look for a new challenge to sign up for. Something that would beat the Outback Marathon and Half Ironman I did last year. Why? Well, […]